Polly Ward

Polly WardPolly Ward was the daughter of Winifred Ward and Ted Bentley. She used the stage name Bino Poluski in her early career. She took the name from her grandfather Will Poluski (William Nelson Govett).

Polly Ward – or simply Bino as she was known in the family – made her debut in The Punch Bowl at the Duke of York’s Theatre in 1924. A little later, while still appearing in The Punch Bowl, Bino appeared simultaneously in The Five O’Clock Follies.

You can see Polly Ward rehearsing in this Youtube clip from the Huntley Film Archive.

Polly WardIn November 1926 Bino was in the Vaudeville Vanities at the Vaudeville Theatre and in 1927 she appeared in C.O.D at the Duke of York’s and a year later she appeared with Helen Trix in variety as The Trix Sisters. For the next two decades Polly appeared in a large number of shows including The Song of the Sea; Wake Up and Dream, Heads Up, Here we are Again, Aladdin, The Forty Thieves, Puss in Boots, Twelfth Night, Red Riding Hood, Co-optimists 1940, Orchids and Onions, The Babes in the Wood, Mixed Relations, and Hoopla!

Polly appeared in many films from 1929 onwards and starred as George Formby’s leading lady in Feather your Nest (1937) and It’s in the Air (1938) and with ‘cheeky chappie’ Max Miller in Thank Evans (1938). Click the IMDb logo for more of Bino’s films.

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