Music Hall acts that started it all

There were four Music Hall acts in the family: The Sisters Waite, The Poluski Brothers, The Sisters Govelle and The Brothers McNaughton.

Nettie Waite, one half of the Sisters Waite was married to Will Poluski. Their daughters, Lottie and Wyn (Charlotte and Winifred Govett), were the Sisters Govelle. Winifred married Bentley Ward and performed as Winifred Ward. Lottie retired from the stage after she married Gus McNaughton. Formerly Gus LeClerq, Gus had joined Fred McNaughton to form a double act before going into screen comedy.

The sisters Waite
The Sisters Waite

Sisters Govelle and Nettie

Lottie, Will, Winifred and Sam
Lottie, Will, Winifred and Sam

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