Lucky Girl

In 1932 Gus McNaughton appeared alongside Gene Gerard and Molly Lamont in a romantic knockabout comedy Lucky Girl.

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Shot at Elstree Studios for British International Pictures Lucky Girl was based on a 1926 play by Reginald Berkeley called Mr Abdullah. The screen play was co-written by Gene Gerard and Frank Miller. The pair also directed.

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Lucky Girl is the story of the recently crowned king of a Balkan country, a British educated former army officer and gigolo, who on his return to the country finds it bankrupt. He decides to take the crown jewels to London where he plans to sell them to re-finance the country.

He travels incognito with his aide American Hudson E. Greener (the E stands for efficiency) from Boston Mass played by Gus McNaughton. When they arrive in London they are invited to a house party were Gene Gerard falls in love with a Duke’s daughter.

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The course of true love is interrupted by a burglary by jewel thieves and suspicion falls on the King and Greener, who try to get away before their cover is blown.

Lucky Girl

Luck Girl was released last year on DVD by Network on Air and is available at various online retailers.

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