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Kay Callard wildcatsDuring the 1950s and early 1960s Kay Callard was contracted to studio production companies/distributors Anglo Amalgamated and Danziger Photoplays.

Anglo Amalgamated was owned by entrepreneurs Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy. It was famous for, among other productions, all the Carry On films up to 1966. Visit the British Film Institute website for a brief history of the company.

Kay Callard made a number of pictures for A-A including Cat Girl, The Hypnotist, Escapement (aka The Electronic Monster) and The Flying Scot among others. You can watch The Hypnotist here.

Danziger Photoplays was owned by American brothers Harry and Edward Danziger who founded New Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire in 1956. According to the BFI profile of the company their prolific output represented ‘quantity over quality’ and was ubiquitous throughout the decade, ‘forming a part of virtually every British filmgoer’s and television viewer’s experience during those years.’ You can find out more about the Danziger Brothers here.

Kay Callard Van RobberyFilms that Kay Callard made for the Danzigers included The Great Van Robbery, Links of Justice, Top Floor Girl,  and, A Woman Possessed. The Danziger brothers also produced the TV series The Vise and Kay starred in several episodes.

The promotional posters for these movies were usually hand drawn rather than using clean photo images of the films they were advertising. Because methods of promotion were more limited then than now – no internet or social media – the posters had to be more creative and eye catching. They were often reprinted in newspapers and magazines as well as produced in a variety of sizes for display in theatres, in shops or in the Tube.

Posters of the period came in a variety of artistic styles and advertising posters from the 1950s are now highly regarded as an art form.

Kay Callard Flying Scot


Kay Callard Cat Girl

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